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Alzheimers / Dementia Information – Dedicated to the author’s parents! Visit the Spirit of Life Foundation at http://www.spirit-of-life-foundation.org




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For over 20 years the mission of Oil Lady Aromatherapy® LLC has been to improve the quality of life by enhancing the human understanding of our sacred relationships with our self, each other, and the earth. Our way to encourage this reverence for life in all things is to bring the benefi ts of our essential oils and education into people’s lives around the world.

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Know Exactly How your Loved One is Being Treated (Denver, CO and Suburbs) Watch Over a Loved One From Any Computer with Internet Access Caring Eye offers a common sense solution to the problem of unavoidable concern that accompanies leaving your elderly parent at home, your child with any sitter or your pet while you are on vacation. We provide installation of home cameras and a computer interface which allow you to check in on your aging parents, children or pets from an internet browser. Visit www.yourcaringeye.com

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