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Are Your Cells Getting Enough Oxygen????

Oxygen is Powerful

The human body is a remarkable electro-chemical marvel. It depends on a regular supply of fuel components, just like an engine. Glucose and oxygen generate energy within the mitochondria in more than 75 trillion cells, every second of every day we are alive. Oxygen is universally recognized as the most powerful and safest of all disinfectants. No matter how often an anaerobic pathogenic microorganism mutates, it will be destroyed by oxygen. Oxygen remains bioactive against these invaders regardless of their tactics, strategies and armor and is highly effective against fungi, yeasts, molds, bacteria, viruses and even parasites. Oxygen is also critical to healthy looking skin. Oxygen assists in the construction and manufacture of collagen and elastin, components that give the skin its supple and youthful appearance.

Every Cell of Your Body Requires Oxygen!
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