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The Original Glutathione Formula™ (OGF) Story!

A message from the Co-CEO, David Kirchenbaum
“Dr. Keller and I met in 1992 and we were business partners and best friends for the next 17 years until his passing. Dr. Keller led the science and medicine and I managed operations and finances. I remember the day Dr. Keller told me he had learned about Glutathione; He was so excited and determined to develop a way to increase Glutathione levels in his patients. Once Dr. Keller finalized the methodology, I was so honored that he included me as his co-Inventor on the United States patent.”

Original Glutathione Formula BottleThe First Steps
In 1997 Dr. Keller became determined to figure out a way to increase the Glutathione levelsof his patients. He developed a formulation to begin testing. He also developed a lab test so he could actually see that Glutathione levels were increasing in his patients. He presented the test at the 1998 Conference on the Laboratory science of HIV.
Development of the Technology

Utilizing the lab test, Dr. Keller tested many formulations until he was satisfied that his technology did increase Glutathione levels in his patients. It was then that a patent application was filed for the technology. On July 17, 2001, a United States patent was granted to Dr. Keller for the Method of treatment of Glutathione deficient mammals.Click to view PATENTUtilizing this blood test, Dr. Keller monitored the effect of his Glutathione technology in his medical practice. Based upon this data, he presented abstracts at various scientific meetings including The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine 2008 and 2009, XVI International AIDS Conference and various other meetings. Each such abstract disclosed an increase in Glutathione levels utilizing his Glutathione technology.

World Wide Distribution
After witnessing the positive impact on his patients over several years, he became determined to make it available to as many people as possible. At that time there were several different  incorporating Dr. Keller’s Glutathione technology. Meanwhile, our efforts became very focused on the ground level of the HIV epidemic in Africa, prompting us to seek a partnership to increase the distribution of our Glutathione technology. To achieve this goal, Dr. Keller reviewed all the different Glutathione  that were currently in production and he arrived at what he viewed as the best of all the  for wide scale distribution. This formulation, which is known as The Original Glutathione Formula, was exclusively licensed to a newly formed Multi-Level Marketing Company on September 1, 2006. Dr. Keller was elated that tens of thousands of people outside his medical practice were benefitting from his Glutathione technology.

Dr. Keller was committed to improving the health and quality of life of people worldwide.


I am still (always will be) taking The Original Glutathione Formula, as does my husband and my sister!  Recently, my Chiropractor, Doctor Bonnie Davis of the Maximum Balance Clinic in Englewood, Colorado, after checking out several proclaimed glutathione supplements, ordered my product, The Original Glutathione Formula, because it was far superior to any other supplement she tested!

Wishing you Great Health and Happiness!

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The Original Glutathione Formula™ (OGF) 

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