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A Great Cup of Coffee!

A great cup of coffee begins far from the kitchen.

There are 3 main environmental elements that contribute to a superior cup of coffee:  the soil the coffee tree is grown in, the amount of water it receives, and its exposure to the suns radiation. A coffee bean draws its flavor characteristics from these important factors.

What Makes Sisel Kaffé So Good?

Sisel Kaffé uses only the highest quality coffee beans: the Premium Panama Boquete Gesha Coffee Bean. This world famous, award winning coffee bean is grown in Panama where all three necessary environmental elements for superior tasting coffee are found in ample supply, like no other geography.


Panama soil is enriched with nutrients from the lava and ash of ancient and extinct volcanoes. This makes the soil sweet and increases its acidic level, making it adept for a coffee tree.


Abundant rainforest moisture provides adequate hydration and keeps the earth soft, so our coffee trees can easily absorb the unique components found within.

Altitude and Sun

Our coffee trees grow on the high slopes of ancient Panamanian volcanoes. The high altitude results in a thinner atmosphere, increasing the cosmic radiation from the sun to expose the coffee trees to the strongest rays of the sun. The bean responds by increasing flavonoids to protect itself from this intense radiation. These unusually high flavonoids are what give the coffee bean some of the world’s best flavor.

The unique conditions found in Panama create a microclimate that is prime for coffee production. The abundant moisture, regular rainfall, and intensified sunlight nourish coffee plants, producing the very best tasting coffee beans.

From sweet volcanic soil to ample sunlight, abundant rainfall to undiminished high-altitude sun nourishment, this is coffee flavor at its finest; this is Sisel Kaffé.

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