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Pure premium oils for Total Wellness!

Unlike many companies who are interested only in their bottom line, SISEL does not compromise quality. Other massage oils may contain cheap ingredients that leave a greasy residue and may even go rancid. There is no need to feel like your sixty-minute rubdown is carried out in a vat of grease. Gentle Touch is formulated with pure, premium oils that are ultra moisturizing without any greasy residue.

Attention to detail

Your total wellness and well-being are on the top of SISEL’s list. That is why our formulators took great care in creating a perfect blend of carrier oils to optimize your massage and aromatherapy experience. These oils have been chosen for their remarkably soothing and deeply hydrating benefits. This luxurious blend of health-promoting oils can also be applied all over your body as an after-bath replenishing lotion. Dry, rough skin is soothed and moisturized, and replaced with the feeling of soft, healthy skin.

Synergistic blend of pure carrier oils

Sweet almond oil is naturally rich in protein and vitamin E. It also contains glucosides and minerals that nourish and soften, making it very beneficial for dry, itchy skin. Massage therapists prefer almond oil because of its lubricating properties that allow a gentle glide over the body.

Jojoba oil is very compatible to the skin’s chemistry, making absorption very easy and efficient. It is an excellent moisturizer that supports skin generation without leaving a greasy residue. Its resistance to temperature gives it a long shelf life, making jojoba a favorite ingredient in many upscale skincare products.

One of the most exotic ingredients used in Gentle Touch is known as Monoi de Tahiti. This oil is made by infusing Tahitian tiare blossoms with coconut oil. Used for centuries to hydrate skin in Polynesia, Monoi de Tahiti’s mega-moisturizing benefits have enhanced beauty for hundreds of years.

Evening Primrose, safflower, and grape seed oils are full of omega-6 fatty acids called linoleic acid. These fatty acids have regenerative and toning qualities that are important for healthy skin and cell membranes. Imagine the nourishing benefits to your skin when Gentle Touch is used as a carrier oil or moisturizer.

Tranquil retreat

Whether you need a massage to relieve, relax, or rejuvenate, SISEL’s Gentle Touch Massage Oil meets your needs. Nourish, hydrate, and beautify your body with the gentle touch of pure, refreshing oils.

Personalize your massage or aromatherapy by adding a few drops of your favorite SISEL essential oil to Gentle Touch. Once combined, you will experience the ultimate dispersion, absorption, and effectiveness of your health-enhancing choice.

An aromatic facial is one of life’s greatest luxuries. As the face is massaged, blood circulation increases, renewing each and every cell. Add SISEL’s Signature Blend to your Gentle Touch Massage Oil for true rejuvenation.

Aromatic Facial: Mix 3 drops of Signature Blend essential oil to 2 tablespoons of Gentle Touch Massage Oil. Massage the neck and face for a relaxing treatment.

Mmmmmmm!  Feels so awesome!

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