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Summer heat is still amongst us with more extreme temperatures than ever. Cool soothing relief is welcome, and healing aloe vera gel with essential oil can really fit the bill.
The Peace of Aromatic Health and Prosperity to you!
Healing Aromatic Gels
In 1989, one of the first base ingredients I used with essential oils was aloe vera gel. It just seemed like a natural mate for essential oils. They create a wonderful synergy. Living in Naples, Florida, it grew in abundant supply and was a staple to have around as a plant or in a jar. We just broke off a leaf from the plant, split it open and rubbed the clear soothing gel right on the hurting skin. Then essential oils came onto the scene.When I think of the word “aloe”, I think of “healing”. It’s soothing anti-inflammatory properties know how to heal. Aloe goes back to ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible for its healing properties.  It is widely recognized for its healing effects on burns, scrapes, bites and cuts. Aloe blends well with many substances, like other lotions, oils and creams.

Our line of five healing gels have developed over the years with the sacred synergy created by essential oils, aloe vera gel, and Organic Golden Jojoba. Since summer is still here, our special for you this month is our Skin Calm Gel. 

Healing Gel Palm Blend
Put a dab of aloe gel in your palm and add 1-2 drops of the appropriate essential oil. Use Lavender for burns and cuts, Tea Tree for bites and scratches, and Peppermint for headaches.

August Special: 10% off our Skin Calm Gel. This 2 oz jar of luscious cooling blue-green gel belongs in your medicine cabinet. Our proprietary essential oil formula includes Lavender, Yarrow, Blue Chamomile and Rose otto.   See Skin Calm Gel here.
Quick Tip: From Omaha, Nebraska: Your Rejuvenation Face Gel is the best thing on the market for make-up removal. Aloe Gel is a major contributing factor to the effectiveness and multiple uses of our Rejuv Gel.
Candace’s Corner of the WorldI remember clearly in the 1990’s making our Skin Calm Gel for a male artist with chapped hurting hands, and a female bartender with red irritated hands from handling citrus slices. This soothing gel soon became our #2 seller. Our customers teach us they use it for: sunburn, burns, rosacea, chapped skin from cold and wind, dry flakey skin, rashes, cold sores, shingles, hemorrhoids, episiotomy pain, and hot spots/rashes on dogs is. Please let us know if you have Skin Calm relief we can add to this list.Next Class: Monday August 27th,
I will be teaching Integrate Aromatherapy into Your Life at our place in Pagosa Springs. Time: 1 to 4pm. Fee includes oils for class, 1 oz blend you will learn to make, & Lavender Mist with ways to use. Fee: $55.00. Space limited. Call us to register: 970.731.1589

God of his infinite goodnesse and bounty hath by the medium of Plants, bestowed almost all food, clothing and medicine upon man.        Gerarde’s Herbal (1636)

Guide #17: The Medicine & Message of Essential Oils
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John’s Thoughts … 
Candace and I have been on the road with our dog Muga for the past 3 weeks, making the rounds in Texas visiting family and friends. It has been a bit uncomfortable for us being in the 100+ temperatures and high humidity. However, Candace keeps us cool with the Lavender-Peppermint Mist and Skin Calm Gel on those spots that get a little sunburned.

You would think a guy who grew up on the Texas coast would have learned about sunburn. Too bad I didn’t have Skin Calm Gel then for skin repair. We are looking forward to returning to the cool nights of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
John and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your life with our education and oils. Thank you!

Be gentle with yourself … Life is precious.

Candace Newman MAT LMT, The Oil Lady®

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I hope you enjoy all the wonderful information from my favorite Oil Lady, Candace Newman!  Her products are excellent!  To Your Total Wellness journey!  Other wonderful essential oils can also be found at  where great care is given to make the best possible products for your total wellness!
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