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Great Aromatherapy Information from my favorite Oil Lady, Candace Newman!

Thank you so much, Candace, for sharing great information on Aromatherapy! I am always thrilled to share you with my readers and subscribers!
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Aromatherapy Silence
In a world full of overwhelming sights sounds (often offensive), we can lose touch with the soul-value of silence. Smell is a silent language with profound effects on our mental state because olfactory nerves connect directly into the emotional-limbic part of our brain.

Smell is a language of thoughts, memories and feelings. Aromas from genuine essential oils are also the language of our soul. Our heart recognizes these soulful elements, just like music and food made with love from the soul.

Aromas travel on our breath, breath is recognized by many as the chord that binds the soul to the body. Aromas from pure essential oils also tend to slow down our breathing because  the body wants more of this “good stuff”. This is a profound way to balance our autonomic nervous system which is usually busy with fight or flight responses  and no relief in sight, burning out the adrenals.

Using essential oils to bring moments of quiet time into our day and night is one way to connect to some sense of peace and balance.
Without silence we don’t get to the quiet place within us … the safe inner sanctum of who we really are. This place is like the deep peace at the bottom of the ocean or the heaven above the clouds. The “noise” of the day creates tumultuous waves on top of the ocean or stormy clouds blocking the brilliant sky. If we don’t make a conscious effort to get beyond the waves and clouds, we won’t get to the jewel.

Consciousness and awareness are first. Then action to make time for silence is for courage and discipline. The reward is some peace in our mind and love in our heart.

In addition to sights and sounds, our nervous system is also bombarded with synthetic toxic aromas. Having genuinely pure aromas in our lives is one of nature’s way to assist us through life. Each of us is the hero/heroine of our legend. Let’s make it the best we can. Aromas were intended to be part of our journey.

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Quick Tip: Select an essential oil that makes you want to be still and breathe. This is your quiet time oil. Set moments aside for deep inhalation. Put 2-3 drops in 1 oz of water for misting. Ideas: Lavender, Rose & Frankincense.

Candace’s Corner of World
After spending 3 days of silence on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, I am reminded again of  the value of silence. We all need silence, both external and internal, to find out what we truly think. This was a treasure, and I thank John & Muga for holding down the home front oil barn.

The beauty elements of Nature encourage contemplation and amplify  the effects of silence.  She gives us water, aromas, colors and endless moments of awe. Find whatever moments and spots you can.

I am reminded of John Milton’s words:
Wisdom’s Self oft seeks to sweet and retired solitude, where, with her best nurse, Contemplation, she plumes her fears, and let’s grow wings.

That seems to be all there is to say.
My Guide #6: Aromatherapy for Prayer & Meditation.

John’s Thoughts …

I believe in many ways I am a purist. When I bought and restored an old T- Bird, I took great pains to make sure the classic looked the way it would have looked when a young man walked into a Ford dealer back in 1959 and purchased it with his hard earned money. I wanted every detail to be just like then. I feel the same way about my food. I want it just the way nature created it,  not modified by genetic engineering.
I understand that science has improved our lives in many ways but I truthfully do not know if GMO foods are going to have a long term negative effect on our bodies, but I do know I want the option to choose foods that are not modified. This brings me to my point. I want to know when I go to  the grocery store which foods contain GMO products. If I, as a consumer, am made aware of what the foods I buy contain, then I can choose foods that are right for me. When Candace goes to the store and she buys the most delicious organic coffee,  she doesn’t question if it is organic because it has a seal showing it to be organic. It’s easy and obvious. I think it should be obvious to the consumer if a product contains GMO grains or plant material.
Candace makes sure her essential oils come from a place on earth where they grow naturally and are the best nature has to offer in their unaltered state.

This link is to a You-Tube video that I found interesting. This lady has done her homework.

John and I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your life with our education and oils. Thank you!

“Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.” Thomas Carlyle

Be gentle with yourself … Life is precious.

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Thanks again, Candace! I love your Oils!

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