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Aromatic Methods of Use for Oils, Mists and Blends

I’m thrilled to share some more great information on aromatherapy and oils with you. Be sure to visit Candace, The Oil Lady® website and learn all about her wonderful products.
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Aromatic Methods of Use
Yes, we know about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils. However, it’s the knowledge of the many safe ways to use them that gives us freedom to take care of ourselves. This satisfies our pocket book and our sense of control and empowerment.

Three main forms of delivery for essential oils are (1) Mist form (such as Lavender Mist), (2) pure straight form (Pure Peppermint Essential Oil), and (3) a Blend: essential oils blended at a safe percentage in a base ingredient like Jojoba, lotions or gels (Rejuvenation Face Gel). An example of this is our Sweet Sleep Set.

Essential oils soothe our emotional stress and physical pains. How? … because of their olfactory nose-brain response, and their skin absorptive properties.

Main methods of use are (1) Inhalation of pure essential oils straight: breathing from the bottle, in a room diffuser, on a cotton ball or in a steam tent; (2) Skin application: always use essential oils in a blend for massage, body and face blends, bath & shower blends.

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Quick Tip: Keep a bottle of Peppermint with you during the day for direct inhalation. Good: energetic menthol lift, clear brain fog & fatigue, increase focus, sinus or headache & digestion relief.

When essential oils first touched my palms in 1989, I thought “When people understand what REAL SMELL is and what pure essential oils REALLY ARE … the life-changing benefits for us all will be unstoppable.” It’s about education. We live in a smell deprived society of man-made fragrances. When we smell a familiar aroma like Peppermint, we know THIS is Peppermint. The oils rescued my failing health, exhausted feelings, and waining spirit … so education has always been a main part of my life purpose with Aromatherapy.

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We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your life with our education and essential oils. Nature provides us with her essential oils to assist us through transitions, protect our physical & nonphysical health, & celebrate the joys of life. So spread the good news!

Be gentle with yourself … Life is precious … so are you!

Candace Newman, The Oil Lady®
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Another wealth of information from Candace, The Oil Lady® and I encourage you to visit her website and check out her marvelous Oils, Mists and Blends. They are truly wondrous! Thank you, Candace, for your loving care with Oils and sharing with others!

Connie Clark
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