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Rejuvenation Oils & Mist

Candace Newman PicRejuvenation Oils & Mist
by Candace Newman 

Rejuvenation …   “to make young again” … according to Webster’s. Who among us would not like to feel and look young again?

Essential oils have been used for this reason for centuries, from Cleopatra to Hippocrates. In 1995, when I wanted something simple, pure and powerful … what came out of this intention was our Rejuvenation formula of essential oils, first in the face gel and then in the mist. Essential oils from antiquity vibrate our hearts strings and call in our spirit. Since they are so alive with a vibrational frequency higher than the healthy human body, they “spin” our cells into action … and have a great affinity with our skin since they are lipid soluble. 

There have always been a few exquisite essential oils that have been used for skin care. Frankincense is well-known for renewing skin, especially maturing skin. Sandalwood and Patchouli bring in deep restorative properties. Geranium is a top skin healer and regenerator for all skin types. Then there is Rose otto … the Queen of the oils … the great regulator and nurturer of skin.

The years have taught me that, yes, these oils are great for our skin. However, it appears they are doing just as many great things for our mental and emotional state. The oils take care of our skin, while the aromas soothe the soul. The side effects are all brilliant!


Rejuvenation Mist

Our Oil Lady Rejuvenation Mist comes in a 4 oz cobalt blue glass bottle with a fine mist top. Even the bottle is healing to hold!  

This Mist contains our proprietary signature formula of pure exquisite essential oils of Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), Sandalwood (Sandalum album), Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), Geranium (Pelargonium roseum), and Rose otto (Rosa damascena from Bulagaria) in purified water, aloe vera and pure vegetable glycerin.  

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Thank you, Candace, for absolutely great information!  Aromatherapy and essential oils are part of Total Wellness! We look forward to more great articles from you.  I personally use The Oil Lady’s Rejuvenation Oil and Mist…it is fabulous!

Connie Clark
Alternative Health Consultant

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