Rejuvenation Oils & Mist

Rejuvenation Oils & Mist by Candace Newman

Rejuvenation … “to make young again” … according to Webster’s. Who among us would not like to feel and look young again?

Essential oils have been used for this reason for centuries, from Cleopatra to Hippocrates. In 1995, when I wanted something simple, pure and powerful . . . → Read More: Rejuvenation Oils & Mist

Introducing my favorite Oil Lady, Candace Newman!

MEET CANDACE Candace Newman MAT, LMT, The Oil Lady® is founder of The Good Medicine Tin®, Oil Lady Aromatherapy®, and Touch With Oils®. She is a speaker, writer and therapist. Candace holds a Masters Degree in Teaching, and her Aromatherapy training and certificates are from Purdue University and leading Aromatherapists in Canada, . . . → Read More: Introducing my favorite Oil Lady, Candace Newman!