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Parabens and Phenoxyethanols found in Breast Cancer

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I’m going to start the New Year off with some very important information to help you on your road to great health!

I thought the article below to be important as you should go through all products you own to make sure they are free of parabens, phenoxyethanols, and all harmful ingredients. These are the two ingredients that are very carcinogenic. You should be extremely cautious of everything that you put in and on your bodies. What good are any results if you are at the risk of horrific repercussions from the ingredients you put ON or IN yourself? It is important that I also provide you the necessary education to you and your families so you know how to make the best choices to keep you and your loved ones safe from harmful ingredients. 100% Chemical Free is the Mission you should have for All. Article Below:

Subject: Parabens and Phenoxyethanols found in Breast Cancer
By: Rebecca James Gadberry

Posted: June 25, from Skin Inc. Magazine.

Q. After reading about a British study reporting that parabens in antiperspirants contribute to breast cancer, some of my clients don’t want the substance in their cosmetics. I am looking to you to help clarify this issue for me. Are parabens harmful, or are they safe? Is it true that they have been banned in Europe and Japan?

A . Parabens, which are widely used antimicrobial preservatives for cosmetics, are among the most studied of all cosmetic ingredients and have a long history of safety. Although there is an Internet myth claiming that they have been banned in both Europe and Japan, it is not true. Parabens are allowed for use by every government agency that regulates cosmetics worldwide.

Used since the 1920s in thousands of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as in a few foods, parabens are a family of chemicals known as alkyl esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. They have various prefixes that refer to the length of the alkyl ester group that branches off of the acid. These include methyl, ethyl, benzyl, propyl and butyl.

Methylparaben is the shortest chain or smallest molecule of the group, butylparaben is the longest and the others are of various midlengths. Several parabens are found in nature, including methylparaben. This most popular variety is produced by certain MOLD species in order to protect themselves from hostile bacteria. However, to my knowledge, NONE that are used in cosmetics or other commercial products come from natural sources. All of those utilized in cosmetics are derived from PETROLEUM.

Throughout the past decade, Parabens have been recognized as several of the more than 8,000 endocrine disrupters (EDs) in the environment. These chemicals, which behave like animal estrogens, can affect hormone balances adversely or disrupt the normal function of organs that are controlled by hormones. Among the more popular plant EDs are phytoestrogens, which are found in SOY, hops, Angelica sinensis (dong quai), Salvia officianalis, clary sage, red clover, pumpkin, poppy, St. John’s wort, rosehips, yarrow and some seaweeds. They now are believed by many researchers to contribute to the increasing incidences of breast cancer, low sperm count and other estrogen-influenced medical problems in humans, as well as to alter the sexual characteristics of fish, frogs and other species by contaminating fresh water supplies. My advice – Stay away from ALL Parabens and Phenoxyethenols – Both found to be in 98% of All Breast Cancer studies.

It seems to me that as far as we are able, we need to eliminate all toxic ingredients from the products that we use on our bodies, in our bodies and in our environment. I have found products that are green and organic and are 100% chemically-free.

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