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Wellness Challenges and What Do YOU Do About Them?

I have had and continue to have great experiences with wellness. Wellness is a passion of mine and I pursue it with great enthusiasm.

But I have to admit that there is so much we need to be aware of in order to gain overall wellness in body, mind and spirit. Awareness about positive thoughts vs negative thoughts are dynamite. It is an area that I must work and be more aware of on a daily basis. I was visiting my sister recently and she was so excited to tell me about a “water” analysis by an expert showing how “good” vs “bad” thoughts can change water dramatically and significantly. I had heard about this before and seen pictures but it was again amazing to be reminded that our bodies are made up of over 70% of water. Thus, “positive” thoughts can and do significantly change our bodies at the water levels. Whew…..what a dramatic and magnificent difference we can make to our WELLNESS at this level.

Another huge area in the body/mind/spirit realm is toxins in the forms of pollution, household chemical cleaners, pesticides, medicinal toxins from prescriptions, high metal toxicity, etc., etc. I firmly believe that we must be vigilant in this area and constantly help our body rid itself of these horrific toxins on a constant basis. I personally do quite a bit on a daily basis in this area, taking a science-based product with double blind, placebo-controlled, crossover clinical studies proven to eliminate toxins from the body in a natural way. I utilize a glutathione accelerator (not glutathione supplement) in order for my body to be able to manufacture its own glutathione at the cellular level in every cell in my body. You can google glutathione to learn how critical this nutritent is in our body and critically significant to our wellness being. It is so vital that you are dead without it; life cannot happen without it. You are born with it but it starts declining at the age of 20 in our bodies and very quickly decreases to the point where our bodies are no longer able to function the way they were designed to. Putting glutathione levels back into our body cells helps with greater well being and slows down the aging process.

I also utilize a whole, live foods supplement that is processed in such a way as to keep excessive heat out of the manufacturing so that the nutrients are preserved. It is an amazing product with organic fruit blends, vegetable blends, probiotic blends, enzyme blends, etc. and I know without a doubt that I am receiving what my body/mind/spirit needs on a daily basis.

I am on a constant spiritual journey because I believe that if I do not continue to learn and be open to learning….then I might as well not be in this life. Life is a journey. And if we pay attention to our wellness at the body/mind/spirit levels, then we will be more at peace with joy in our life.

What are your thoughts on Wellness and what do you do for yourself in this area?

Connie Clark
Health Consultant

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