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Vital and Significant Key to Optimized Antioxidant Activity

side_glutSuppose you were told you weren`t getting enough cellular oxidation or toxin protection, despite consuming each and every high antioxidant food and the best antioxidant supplements available? Do you wonder how that is possible, or would you simply ignore it? Please read on. How it could be, as reported by many health experts, is that

    your glutathione levels are too low.

This is a very common situation with all the oxidation stress our toxic environment provides, along with a little assistance from our very own personal stress.

What makes Antioxidants Necessary?

Oxidation occurs at the cellular level during the body`s efforts to create energy and fortify cells metabolizing oxygen. The oxygen molecules that aren’t fully absorbed become toxins, unstable atoms missing an electron, which begin robbing cells of electrons to balance and stabilize themselves. Then the atoms robbed of the electron become poisons and continue the oxidation process, stealing electrons as required from other sources.

A sequence of events then occurs. This changes the identity and function of those atoms as they combine in abnormal ways, ultimately causing cellular and DNA damage. And eventually, countless medical concerns and disease will breed freely. It is the negative effects of oxygen, similar to the way metal becomes rusty with exposure to air. We must continue to breathe, so you’ll encounter some free radicals shed from just that.

Moreover, the air we breathe is loaded with toxins and pollutants, as well as in the majority of the foods we eat, and any pharmaceuticals that may have been taken. Every one of these create more free radicals while stressing the body with poisonous matter. Add this to the immune system`s damage from psychological stress with our current lifestyle and the craziness around us. Well then, it truly is amazing that so many of us still remain ambulating and communicating!

But we need so much protection from all this in order to move and converse better and longer and stay away from hospitals meanwhile. So whatever can neutralize the free radical oxidation process while eradicating toxins is critical. Enter antioxidants, comprising the most overlooked yet most  critical one of them all: glutathione, the main element to maximum oxidation protection and detoxification while building a strong immune system.

Several Glutathione Details

Glutathione has been labeled as the master antioxidant. It is an intracellular antioxidant essential for greatest antioxidant activity from all other antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E, CoQ10, and all the blueberries you can eat. It removes toxins from cells, and protects against radiation.

There is however a problem. Purchasing something that says it is glutathione is a waste of supplement popping money. The body`s digestive system is quite poor at taking glutathione into where it needs to go. There is hope, there are other solutions to raise the body`s glutathione, which are disclosed later herein.

It is the body`s intracellular function to produce glutathione in the liver and body cells from three amino acids, cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycene. Sufficient amounts are needed to catalyze and retain all the antioxidant`s you consume for your protection. It even serves as protection to prevent antioxidants from becoming free radicals (poisons) themselves, regenerating and recycling them. As you get older, your body`s ability to produce glutathione slows down.

Many now consider reduced glutathione production as the real cause of rapid aging and ailments that are considered “normal” from aging, including Alzheimer`s, inflammatory conditions from allergy to arthritis, asthma, COPD, Parkinson`s Disease, and coronary and autoimmune diseases. DNA damage resulting from toxins frequently leads to cancer. This is a standard scheme that goes askew as we age. If one can enhance internal glutathione production, the energized immune system will create a strong basis of good health, regardless of age.

Glutathione in our bodies can go inactive when it becomes saturated from doing it`s work, but it tends to replenish itself. Under ideal environmental conditions, 10% of the glutathione remains inactive, or oxidized, while the other 90% is active, or reduced, and continues to stabilize cell molecules and other antioxidants, plus remove toxins. This is the function of normal metabolism`s waste removal of poisons by glutathione. But the battering of additional toxins from our environment is too much to maintain that 90/10 ratio.

As active glutathione drops below 90% and allows the inactive to grow beyond 10%, the fight for the best possible total wellness becomes a losing struggle. It becomes too complex to remove toxins naturally. As they build up, active glutathione lessens even more. Active or reduced glutathione is also known as GSH, while inactive or oxidized glutathione is known as GSSG. When GSH falls below 70%, one`s health begins serious declining. It`s a major time of trouble.

How to Enhance GSH

Since supplements labeled glutathione are virtually worthlessbecause the digestive system won`t take it in, what distribution systems can enhance the body`s ability to create and maintain the proper level of GSH? Well, intravenous glutathione will have immediate results for extreme situations, but cannot contribute to the cycle of circulating GSH. Plus, it is extremely expensive. It`s like recharging a car battery with a broken alternator. The instant the battery empties, the car quits running.

For continual, permanent protection, it`s necessary to utilize precursors that energize the cells to create their own GSH glutathione, as required internally, via the liver and body cells. So it`s important to supply the body GSH precursors. Of the three amino acids that generate GSH (active glutathione) in the liver and cells, cysteine is considered the most critical link. It has been identified that cysteine, balanced properly with glutamic acid and glycene, stimulates GSH production.

S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM-e), N-acetylcysteine (NAC), and supplements made from unadulterated, whey protein elevate cysteine levels. Whey protein products that specialize in boosting the liver`s GSH production have become the easiest and most common choice. Whey is a by product of cheese or yogurt processing. Unadulterated means the whey comes with no additives or preservatives. Additionally, the milk sources are non-hormone injected organic fed cows or goats. There are a small number of whey protein products that promote GSH production with cysteine. However, the glutathione levels are not significantly increased and are not recycled.

But finally, there is a nutritional supplement that does provide the necessary precursors to the cells to produce their own GSH glutathione, internally, via all body cells. Because of the research and breakthrough discovery of glutathione’s importance to total wellness, Dr. Robert Keller, having spent many, many years perfecting a glutathione accelerator, formulated and introduced MaxGXL, which

    allows the body to manufacture its very own cellular glutathione and improves your overall total wellness of your body.

On average, the increased level of glutathione is 200%. This one and only breakthrough total wellness product is science-based, with double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover clinical studies and has a composition patent (typically reserved for only pharmaceutical products). You can’t get better than this and it is the only proven product that raises your glutathione levels significantly. You can learn more about this important, vital nutritional supplement at and become focused on your very own total wellness regimen.

In addition to the supplementation you end up using, or instead of using a supplement, here are some foods that are useful toward the GSH, glutathione circulating process. It is important to consume organic foods as the toxins added to conventional foods minimize the GSH levels. Unfortunately, you need to eat so much of these foods that it is literally impossible to do so to significantly raise your levels of glutathione. But these foods certainly are beneficial to your total wellness.

All meats are high in cysteine, but unless you can go truly organic, the hormones and toxins will virtually neutralize GSH. Watermelon, walnuts, avocado, asparagus, broccoli, and tomato are good choices for glutathione enhancement, as are many dark green leafy vegetables. Ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, wheat germ and oat flakes fill out this list.

The investigation and finding of glutathione`s importance, and the process to manufacture it within the body for proper distribution is relatively recent. GSH glutathione`s importance as an essential antioxidant is indisputable. The health implications for just this one single agent, internally promoted by proper precursors, are thorough and all-encompassing.

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