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Benefits of Organic Aloe Vera

Healthy Systems ( is the home of the best tasting Organic Aloe Vera in the industry. It is said that a company is only as a good as it’s product line. At Healthy Systems we believe this. However, we also believe that the people have a lot to say about a company.

What are people saying about Healthy Systems US patented Organic Aloe Vera product line?

A sincere, unsolicited recommendation is the ultimate voice for our product line, our service, our company and about our thousands of dedicated affiliates and customers.

The simple truth is the products, (especially our Organic Aloe Vera line) makes our affiliates and customers very healthy. That makes them happy …and that’s what makes them keep coming back.

And to you …whether you found us by searching for information about arthritis, burns, yeast infections or you were referred to us by one of our many affiliates, we would like to welcome you to our home, Look around, take your time and explore our site.

If you have a specific question or concern …just send us an email and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

We also promise you the “best tasting Aloe Vera” in the market place.

That said …here is a little basic information about our unique, organic, and US patented Aloe Vera.

Of the 240 species, four are recognized as having nutritional value, with barbadensis miller leading the group. Barbadensis is the type of Aloe Vera used in most commercial products available today.

The gel contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. A high quality product, which uses only the nutritious inner gel …not the outer rind …the rind of the leaf, is one of the most nutritious drinks and best skincare products, available.

Aloe Vera is proven to increase new cell growth three fold and promotes rapid wound healing after skin resurfacing treatments using chemical and mechanical procedures. Aloe Vera is effective in treating a variety of dermatological conditions and diseases of the skin. Aloe Vera penetrates deeply without the aid of “heat.” Aloe Vera relieves pain, swelling and tightness associated with strains, sprains and burses while reducing inflammation in muscles, tendons (tendonitis) and joints (bursitis). Aloe Vera relieves itching and skin irritations resulting from many causes. It also promotes healing of chemical burns, minor sunburns, razor burns, floor burns and mat burns.

Taken internally, Aloe Vera acts as an aid in digestive, inflammation problems and combats yeast infections.

My very favorite flavor of Aloe Vera is Mango-Papaya…yummy!!!
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Connie Clark

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