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Artificial Sweeteners

I know that this topic, Artificial Sweeteners, has been presented many times but I still hear people all the time believing that they are safe and good. It is amazing to me that so many still use the pretty little packages of pretend sweeteners. Some of them may be FDA-approved, but according to a long-time medical professional/clinically trained pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, firmly believes that they are dangerous.  Some clinical research has associated artificial sweeteners with migraines, seizures, depression, fatigue, hearing loss, tinnitus, and memory loss, not to mention anxiety and panic attacks. Suzy is particularly concerned about children because their developing brains may be affected by chemicals currently deemed “safe” by the FDA.

In 2008, after several major food companies (including Coca-Cola and PepsiCo) performed scientific reviews that deemed stevia extract to be “generally recognized as safe,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its use as a food additive. Prior to the FDA approval, stevia could only be marketed as a dietary supplement and was commonly sold as a liquid extract in natural foods stores. Stevia-extract-sweetened foods and beverages are most likely a healthier option than similar items made with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. But for optimal health, it’s best to cut back on processed foods and choose naturally sweet alternatives.

Here are some recommendations for naturally produced sweeteners which are more readily recognized by the body and therefore, processed and eliminated properly:

*Natural cane sugar or brown sugar – unbleached and unprocessed.

Stevia*Stevia – calorie-free natural dietary supplement. It is heat-stable so you can cook with it and use it with any food or beverages. This sweetener is being recognized more and more as a wonderful natural and safe sugar substitute.

*Agave nectar – another natural sweetener; a sap extracted from the agave plant. 1/3 cup of agave syrup is equal to 1 cup of sugar.

*Maple syrup
*Brown rice syrup

Stevia is my favorite sweetener and I use it with everything. No calories and available through Whole Foods and many of the big chain grocery stores now. Stevia is grown all over the world and is being used by so many, especially diabetics and people with weight loss problems.

I absolutely love the smart, high integrity health companies who use Stevia in their products instead of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other types of unhealthy sweeteners. Max International is one of those companies and is another reason why their products are exceptional.

Their vitamin/mineral product, Max-n-Fuze, is exceptional using nano-technology to deliver their nutrients. Max International uses Stevia to sweeten this product and it begins to deliver the nutrients to the body while still in your mouth. Awesome!

Check out Max International’s glutathione accelerator, MaxGXL…amazing product that provides the body with the precursors needed for the body to manufacture its own glutathione. The first and only scientific, health breakthrough for glutathione. Check it out at Max International.

Connie Clark

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