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Journey through Alzheimers – My Mom

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Mom and her journey with Alzheimers. If I had known then what I know now, I believe that journey could have been so much easier. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20.

Mom’s greatest fear throughout life was that she would get Alzheimers like her Mom. I remember when grandma and grandpa lived with us for a while; one day grandma was so confused that she took off out of the house running down the street calling for grandpa. We all had to chase her and bring her back home. Finally, Mom realized that she couldn’t take care of her mom and dad; so grandma was put in a nursing home and grandpa went to live in a large house with other elderly folks.

Dad was struggling so much, trying to accept that Mom had Alzheimers. But it was near impossible for him to understand. She started repeating herself constantly and he would get so mad at her. She would start crying and he couldn’t ever get her to stop so I always went over then to rock her and calm her down.

I finally began looking for a senior type place that had enough security to keep her safe and also give her some things to do. She began going to a Total Longterm Care facility that provided the security and recreation for her several days a week. That really helped to give her a break from Dad and likewise, for him too.

I have a lot of pictures of her from that facility showing her at many different activities…gardening, making flour tortillas, making tissue flowers and other things. But she was always trying to escape from the place…it was difficult for the staff to keep her interested in things.

Her eating habits changed a lot and it was difficult to get food down her. I remember sitting at her kitchen table urging her to eat some snacks with me. I would take a bite and then have her take a bite. We kind of made it a game and it worked out sometimes. Mom was a tiny woman, less than a 100 lbs and under 5′. She started losing weight.

Interestingly, before Alzheimers, Mom was not a particularly “loving” person outwardly. She was a little harsh and opinionated; didn’t give hugs and was pretty fussy. She and Daddy were very involved in their church and did so much for others in that way. Mom taught a women’s Sunday School class, played piano and visited immobile church friends to help them out. Daddy was a music/choir director in many churches around the US, and overseas in Germany. Neither he nor Mom were particularly nurturing. BUT, amazingly, as Mom’s Alzheimers progressed, she became more and more loving, nurturing, laughing, giggling and I treasure those times with her. We became so much closer and had a very loving and caring relationship in her last years…..I am so grateful!


Be VERY CAREFUL in choosing a place for your loved ones to spend their last years if they need extra care. I will tell you more about that in my next MOM post. If I had known what I know now, I would have quit my job and brought my mom home to live with us. We had the worst experience at Julia Temple in Englewood, CO and I would never recommend that place for anyone. They, essentially, ended my mother’s life in 2 days. Be VERY, VERY CAREFUL!

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Blessings for Abundance and Health!


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