Laughter Yoga

Research has shown that little children LAUGH up to 300 times a day, while the average adult laughs less than 15 times per day. And I’ll bet you know some people who never seem to laugh at all! What have we been missing?

It seems that the innate wisdom we had as little children faded . . . → Read More: Laughter Yoga

Toxin Alert: Are Your Baby’s Bath Products Safe?

My granddaughter, Maya!

By Jacqueline Tourville

In this article: Coming Clean About Dirty Ingredients Ban the Bubble Bath? Tips for Picking Safe Bath Products Avoid Toxins Outside the Tub A Less Toxic Tomorrow

Bath time for Baby should be fun, relaxing—and most of all—safe. but news reports about toxic chemicals found in popular children’s . . . → Read More: Toxin Alert: Are Your Baby’s Bath Products Safe?

Parkinson’s and Glutathione – Testimonial


Jean, Improved Cellular Function-Neurologic

I am a 52 year old woman with Parkinson’s. I was diagnosed in 2002, at the age of 47. My neurologist is Ali H. Rajput, OC, SOM, MBBS, FRCPC, of Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Canada. I was last seen by Dr. Rajput in December of 2006, when it was determined . . . → Read More: Parkinson’s and Glutathione – Testimonial