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Testimonial Article – Autism and Glutathione!

Born on February 1, 1999 in Forest Hills, New York, Rachelle (Chelley) was welcomed into the world by her mother Marie, her sister Christine, and her maternal grandparents Maxime and Solanges Leger. Chelley’s father had abandoned the family when her mother was carrying her at only three months.

Despite the lack of one parental figure in the home, Chelley knew no sadness or hardship, for she was surrounded by love. There was never a dull moment in the Philippe household. Chelley’s laughter could be heard throughout the house, as well as odd sounds that would reveal her mischievous actions from curious ventures. Her astounding beauty and charm was mesmerizing.

When Chelley looked at you with her big bold dark eyes, you had no choice but to submit. Accompanied with her shimmering smile which sealed the deal, you were under her spell…so to speak. She was a happy and healthy child. Chelley was rarely sick, always full of life and developing normally.

On February 4, 2000, three days after her first birthday, Chelley received four immunizations at the Pediatrician’s office. It wasn’t long after that her mother noticed a change in Chelley’s overall demeanor. She no longer displayed an interactive role in playing. She no longer looked at people with her peering eyes. At the age of one, she should have been able to eat some solid foods, but when trying only gagged. Her speech, though premature, had turned into babbling obscure sounds, almost appearing to be contra-verbalization. At age one she was also not walking. The once interactive child became introverted, only interested in objects of color or stimulation. Songs became an addictive passion for her wanting to view programs such as Sesame Street and Barney which combined music and motion. People were no longer of interest to Rachelle.

It was not until the age of eighteen months and after pressure from her mother, that Chelley was finally evaluated by a Neurologist, and a Psychologist who reluctantly issued the diagnosis of Autism. To say the least, devastation was an understatement. Prior to this diagnosis, the family had planned on moving to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The move was melancholy. The family struggled to acquaint themselves in their new location as well as educate themselves in providing the best care for Chelley. Tragedy hit again on October 8, 2002, when Chelley’s maternal grandmother suddenly collapsed into cardiac arrest. The loss depleted the family of retirement income and
benefits, a caretaker for Chelley, the homemaker and the matriarch.

Soon after her grandmother’s passing, Chelley’s mother tirelessly researched to gain an understanding of this disease and to discover a means to make life more normal for everyone. Pulling together, Chelley’s mother took on another job, and adjustments were made in lifestyle to accommodate an in-home therapy program after Chelley had significantly regressed in a classroom setting. God’s favor led her mother to meeting proactive and knowledgeable parents affected by Autism, and also doctors practicing groundbreaking treatments for Autism. A specific diet full of minerals, vitamins and organic foods were also found to be helpful to Chelley’s health and behavior. These new findings were beneficial, but the results were slow coming. Secondly, none of these sources were acknowledged or accepted by any insurance company. The average cost was approximately $80,000 a year.

Concessions were made by the family in order to offer the glimmer of hope Chelley needed to one day become a viable member of society. Marie reached out to Chelley’s extended family and close friends for help, who willingly and selflessly supported the dream as much as financially possible during difficult times. Some local advocate organizations came through as well by providing nourishment, safety equipment, respite funding, and needed supplies. But as cutbacks were experienced by everyone after the September 11th 2001’s terrorist incident, all financial assistance to Chelley came to a halt, causing her to become an economic casualty/victim.

Marie was able to do what she could for Chelley, but savings were depleted, credit cards were maxed out, and a third job added. Although Chelley had significantly regained development and cognitive skills, everything had to come to a halt due to insufficient finances.

Years went by, and Chelley made limited progress. She was pretty much non-verbal, understood few commands, and hardly did anything independently at school. School was especially uneventful.

But God is faithful. On May 19th 2009, Captain Denise Blankenship, a friend of the family, and a strong believer in Chelley’s total healing, introduced Marie to a product by the name of MAXGXL. Denise was convinced that this would help Chelley improve.

Having nothing to lose, Marie started the product on Chelley that very night. The second dosage was given the morning of May 20th. Subsequent to her first dose, Chelley was given a standard of 2x-4x a day. Without exaggerating, the following occurred:
• May 20th (day 2) – Chelley’s teacher reported Chelley accomplishing several tasks (four) independently
(when on average she would accomplish zero independently and on a good day, possibly two tasks independently). In addition to that, for the FIRST time in the five years Chelley attended school, she came home with a star. The note on the back of the star stated: “for good counting & imitating in music with friends: We also noticed a calming effect from her usual rambunctious behavior.
• May 21st (day 3) – Chelley accomplished three tasks independently. Also on this day, we had taken Chelley out in the community to the popular event “Speed Street”. Two other children accompanied Chelley. At the end of the day, Chelley appropriately said on her own “good bye” to the children.
• May 25th (day 7) – Chelley accomplished three tasks independently, and a comment from her teacher “Good day, lots of good work”. Also at home, Chelley properly responded for the first time to the commands “turn off the light” and “get your toothbrush”.
• May 26th (day 8) – Five tasks accomplished independently at school, with a note from her teacher “Good work – she is doing so many of her tasks independently lately, even packing and unpacking her backpack”.
• May 28th (day 10) – Chelley accomplished three tasks independently with a comment from her teacher “Working hard lately, lots of tasks independently”.
• May 29th (day 11) – Four tasks independently
• June 1st (day 14) – Four tasks independently
• June 2nd (day 15) – Four tasks independently
• June 3rd (day 16) – Note from teacher stated “Did a 100’s chart on computer independently:
• June 9th (day 22) – Basically the end of the school year, Chelley accomplished SIX tasks independently.

These are just a few things to mention for now. But since that time, Chelley has also been able to communicate when she needs to go to the bathroom and when she is hungry; situations which were pretty much guess work for us in the past. There have been so many milestones that there are too many to list. Chelley’s family is once
again encouraged and confident that Chelley, now the age of ten, has a chance for a full recovery.

MAXGXL is inexpensive, and yet extremely effective, and fast producing. I am so grateful to Denise for having faith in this product and for being generous in sharing it with us. My wish is for other families with special needs children get a hold of this product. It will be life changing.
*Submitted by Chelley’s family*
What an awesome testimonial! I am also very grateful to Max International for this special, health “breakthrough” product. Alzheimers runs in my family on Mom’s side and Dementia on Dad’s side; this is the first product I’ve ever come across that may help me avoid Alzheimers and Dementia.

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