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Vision for Alzheimers/Dementia

I designed and implemented a special Alzheimers/Dementia website dedicated to my parents, Elwood and Alice Godfrey.  My hope is to make it a Charity where donations and proceeds from my businesses go to help in the research for a cure or health management of Alzheimers.

Spirit of Life Foundation

I cared for my Mom and Dad for about 10 years, helping them in their own home for several years and then in a Secure Assisted Living facility for less than a year.  Unfortunately, my Mom was placed in a sister facility (nursing home) and was damaged beyond hope in less than 2 days.  We did all we could to bring her back to the way she was before she went into the nursing home but there was too much damage from lack of care, negligence, not following up with the doctor’s orders and much more.  By the time I got her out of there and into a hospital, she was almost dead.

She was completely malnourished and dehydrated.  The only hope we had was to put a feeding tube into her stomach.  She lived another year and 3 months.  And she did gain a tiny bit of recognition of her loved ones and a small ability to talk sometimes, but she never walked again and she was constantly in danger of aspiration/pneumonia/etc.  I moved her to another nursing home (it was like night and day from the first home) and they loved her and cared for her like she were their own Mom.  I am grateful to them.

We took my Dad home to live with us for the next 2 years.  He had been diagnosed with Dementia, COPD, esophageal cancer, and finally with liver cancer.  No one expected him to live as long as he did and in as good health as he was those last couple of years….but then, I am an alternative health consultant and advocate.

I finally did have to put him in the same nursing home (2nd one) that my Mom had been in and they cared for him and loved him so very much.  He only lived another 6 months there.  But I was with him so much of the time, just like I was for my Mom.

They are together now and I will continue my journey and mission to help others to live a better and longer quality of life.  There is no excuse for suffering with terrible health when there are so many options for health and life.

Take care of yourself and your family!

Connie Clark

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